C&K switch and module automotive solutions

Switches for automotive applications

C&K’s automotive switch portfolio includes four key areas: interior controls, including middle consoles and steering, seat or overhead controls; access management, covering keyfobs, latches and handles; powertrain and wire functions, which include electronic parking brakes and gear or park shifters; and interior detection, including sun visor, glove box and seat belt switches.

The company’s history of reliability and unmatched custom design capabilities make C&K the only choice for switches that can both withstand the harsh environment that modern vehicles represent and provide a strong foundation for design success.

Automotive solutions

Features like tight product tolerances, haptic-on-demand, acoustic adaptation, high-reliability for ASIL rated units, environmental and process sealing, and mechanical or electrical interface integration are the core value of automotive switching, and C&K delivers these every day

CandK SAM Switch Series Spotlight

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SAM Switch Series

C&K’s SAM switch series is valuable for applications such as seat adjustment systems for automotive, off-road vehicles and avionics.

CandK SSW Detect Switch Spotlight

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SSW Detect Switch

C&K’s SSW series is an innovative SMT Subminiature Detect Switch dedicated to ASIL related applications including electronic parking brake systems and by-wire functions.


KSC4 Series

The C&K KSC4 series of sealed tactile switches for SMT are IP67 rated with 5.2mm high soft actuator.

CandK PS Series Pushbutton Switche Spotlight

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PS Series Pushbutton Switche

PS series Miniature Pushbutton Switches from C&K are integrated into innovative audio & visual equipment, telecommunications, industrial and automotive products by some of the world’s leading designers.


KSJ Series

C&K’s KSJ series spherical actuator tact switch is designed for mechanisms found in cranes, off-road and railway products, as well as in factory automation and automotive applications.


KMR Series

The C&K KMR Series tactile switch offers 5 series featuring robust, compact switches with a wide range of forces from 1.20N up to 4N designed to help engineers working on consumer, automotive, industrial and medical products.


ZMS Series

PCB detection switches, communication devices and testing equipment rely upon the long-lasting, highly responsive ZMS series subminiature snap-acting switch (IP 65) from C&K.


K12S Series

The C&K K12S is designed for low-level switching and is made to last. It can be sealed for environmental protection, and is available in double stroke or detector versions as well.

CandK PVA Short Stroke Keyswitches Spotlight

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PVA Short Stroke Keyswitches Series

C&K’s PVA Short Stroke keyswitches have a compact design, making them the perfect switch for control panels, industrial use and automotive applications such as air conditioning or lighting.


KSC Series

The C&K KSC Series tactile switch offers important customization options to meet most application requirements.


ENC Series Optical Encoder

C&K’s ENC series optical encoder switches are perfect for designers in the automotive, industrial and instrumentation industries.

CandK KSC-DCT Tact Switches Spotlight

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KSC-DCT Tact Switches

The new C&K KSC-DCT tact switches offer SPDT NC-NO dual-circuit functionality that provides two outputs from a single input.

Technical article

C&K remains switched on to modern automobile requirements

Based on these new requirements, C&K can support electronic unit design by offering flexible, high-quality solutions.

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Interior controls 
C&K offers a complete line of tactile and keyswitches for auto interiors.  

Once inside the vehicle, driver experience is what matters. Drivers want to be able to interact with their vehicles in an easily understandable – yet powerful way. With advanced electronic technology becoming pervasive throughout the modern vehicle interior, automotive design engineers must now consider the design of their interface controls with a more holistic approach that includes feel and sound characteristics. C&K’s Interior Control switches make sure that controlling features such as air conditioning or heating, seat adjustments or lighting are descriptive and responsive to the touch.

C&K manufactures a variety of switches for the Middle Console and Overhead Console, including clicker switches – unique solutions for giving haptics over capacitive surfaces; multi-function switches – integrated multiway switches for a perfect fit, especially for haptics and acoustics; and push switches with locking functions that make them excellent for manual HVAC.

C&K also produces industry-leading Seat Controls and Steering Controls, including a wide range of power switches for direct motor management; and a 5 Ways Roller, a unique concept for having a top/down/left/right/select function on a roller, without crosstalk and uniform tunable haptics.

Access management 
C&K offers a complete line of tactile, keyswitches and Snap-acting switches for automotive applications.

The first experience any owner has with their vehicle is opening the door and starting the engine up for the first time. C&K provides a wide-range of switches for use in all the potential access points of today’s modern vehicles.

From long-lasting Keyfobs that allow drivers entry into their vehicles at the touch of a button, to reliable Handles and Latches that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, C&K has the right switch for any model of vehicle. The company’s automotive switches are designed to have long electrical and mechanical lives, matching the extended lifecycle of today’s vehicles.

Powertrain (wire functions)
C&K offers a complete line of Tactile and keyswitches for automotive applications.

C&K offers several reliable, high-performance switches for automotive designers looking to make sure their Gear Shifters, Park Switches and Electronic Park Brakes incorporate the latest technology and match the overall design experience of the vehicle – instead of forcing designers to compromise their vision to get the functionality they want. 

From shifter modules & switch harnesses that integrate switches or switch functions for a perfect mechanical and acoustic behavior; to shifters on gear sticks that integrate rocker functions with the corresponding harness; or electronic park brake switches that include redundant functionality and fast changeover time – with C&K’s unmatched custom design capabilities and haptics expertise, the possibilities are endless.

Interior detection
C&K offers a complete line of tactile and Snap-acting switches for automotive applications.

In addition to Interior Controls, C&K also offers a full line of switches for the Interior Detection needs of automotive designers, covering everything from making sure all passengers are locked in tight, to providing extra protection from glare on a sunny day. 

The company manufactures a wide variety of Sun Visor Switches, Glove Box Switches, Seat Detection and Seat Belt Switches – all crafted with the reliability and long mechanical and electrical lifespans that customers have come to expect from C&K. From compact switches – needed when space is limited – to those with snap-acting mechanisms – necessary for drivers to understand when a feature is switched on or off – C&K can be counted on to deliver the perfect switch for any design vision.