I recognise that face: Machine vision with Omron's HVC

Giving machines the power of vision gives them the ability to interact with people in a much more natural way, but integrating this capability was previously a complex and difficult task.

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Taking flow measurement to the next level

Avnet Abacus helps engineers to develop smart flow meters for monitoring water and gas consumption. Alan Jermyn, VP Marketing, looks at what’s driving demand for smart meters, how they work and how they’re built....

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Sensor Fusion: The future of intelligent devices

Combining the data from multiple sensors can tell us a great deal more about the application environment than each sensor could on its own....

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Second Generation MEMS Enables Impressive Performance for Automotive and Industrial IMUs

When Murata purchased Finnish MEMS specialist VTI Technologies and renamed it Murata Electronics Oy at the start of 2012, it gained the company’s unique 3D MEMS technology which has outstanding performance and reliability in harsh environments....

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Accurate altitude measurements help keep you fit

How can MEMS pressure sensors help you keep fit? Well, they are now commonly being integrated into wearable activity monitors that help consumers track their daily activities and thereby monitor their fitness levels....

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How sensitivity to our environment is creating a growing market for air quality sensors

A growing pre-occupation with leading healthier life styles means that many of us are becoming much more sensitive to the environment around us, and in particular air quality....

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