Enabling smart tracking for the supply chain and Industry 4.0 with RFID

Do you know where your product has been and where it is going right now? This is the challenge that many manufacturers and logistics companies face in the management of their supply chains, but how can RFID technology solve it?

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Designing for LoRaWAN - Murata wireless modules

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wireless modules for smartphones, including supplying some of the very biggest names in the market, Murata knows a thing or two about wireless technologies, and also about manufacturing modules....

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NFC vs. Bluetooth beacons: More different than similar

Bluetooth Beacons and NFC (Near Field Communication) are often mentioned in the same breath, but in terms of technology and applications, they are not really that similar....

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A quick introduction to wireless charging

Battery charging without cables can add convenience, durability and safety to a number of different applications. ...

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