Meeting regulatory requirements for mission-critical and non-mission-critical rolling stock power supplies

All the electronics in rolling stock is subject to challenging environmental conditions, from high temperatures in confined spaces to the heavy vibration felt by body- or axle-mounted systems. Power supplies are no exception, and must comply with relevant European or worldwide railway systems standards.

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Keeping the noise down: Converter and inverter output filtering

Most modern power conversion topologies use switched-mode techniques for highest efficiency and smallest size and cost. Inevitably, switching noise is produced and output filters are required to minimise EMI and provide reliable operation of the powe...

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Selecting DC-link capacitors in power converters

‘DC-link’ capacitors feature in many power conversion topologies and must be chosen carefully to give the best trade-off between cost, size and performance. ...

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Input filtering and protection for switched mode inverters and converters

Inverters and converters have become basic building blocks for many modern power applications. These applications must meet statutory and practical requirements for input EMI filtering and protection against injury to personnel and equipment...

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Programmable drivers add flexibility to LED lighting

As LED luminaires have continued to develop in complexity and range and the number of different fixtures on the market has increased, lighting designers have begun to demand more flexibility from their driver hardware. ...

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Simplifying SMPS design with the right switching IC plus easy custom magnetics

If the feedback circuitry in a secondary-side regulated flyback converter could somehow be integrated into the switcher IC while maintaining isolation, the circuit would use fewer components and be smaller, simpler and cheaper overall....

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Deciphering datasheets for medical PSUs

Specifying medical power supplies can be particularly challenging because of the standards and jargon surrounding this application....

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Do you need more than enough: Specifying AC-DC power supplies

Bigger is always better, isn’t it? That’s not necessarily the case when it comes to specifying a power supply....

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Advanced power architectures move into industry

Keenly associated to the trend of greater computing power and complexity is a technology that is making a move into industrial from the communications field: that of advanced power system architectures....

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