Weather, corrosion and vandals: Protecting outdoor electronics

Specialised enclosures and switches are required for electronics’ survival in the great outdoors, writes Jerry Moss, Avnet Abacus.

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Calculating LED heatsinks

Thermal management is of critical importance in LED lighting systems. LEDs themselves give off heat when lit due to their own inefficiencies, and knock on effects of that heat can rapidly reduce the LEDs’ lifespan if it isn’t managed carefully....

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Modern electromechanical relays meet today’s reliability demands

Although they’ve been superseded in some applications by newer technologies such as solid state relays (SSRs), electromechanical relays (EMRs) still have a lot to offer....

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LED thermal management: Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

Thermal management is a key element of LED lighting design, ensuring reliable operation, better performance and extended device lifetimes....

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