Advances and trends in RF connection

When considering the exponential growth of transferred data, most headlines are captured by wireless innovation, but advances continue to be made in the wired domain, not least in RF connectors.

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Automotive telematics become mandatory with eCall

As the intelligence of vehicle electronic systems increases, wireless connectivity is becoming an important feature, enabling passenger communications and cloud connectivity for advanced features instances of emergency such as eCall....

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Chip-to-chip at the speed of light

As data centres and data farms continue to expand and grow, better solutions are required for system architectures that allow faster communication and more efficient operation. ...

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Specifying explosion-proof connectors

The threat of explosion is real in many of today’s industrial applications, and connectors are critical to explosion proofing since they have the potential to create arcs and sparks as part of normal operation....

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Ethernet magnetics – Discrete or integrated?

If you’re adding wired Ethernet to a design, you will of course have to consider magnetics....

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Selecting fibre optic cables

Selecting the right cable and/or connector assembly for a fibre optic installation need not be complex, but it is important to understand the requirements of the environment and the application....

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