Customising and optimising antennas with materials science and manufacturing techniques

In an increasingly connected world, performance demands on antennas are greater than ever. These increased performance demands also have to be balanced with cost, and of course, the limits imposed by the laws of physics, which make antenna design a trade-off between performance attributes.

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Weather, corrosion and vandals: Protecting outdoor electronics

Specialised enclosures and switches are required for electronics’ survival in the great outdoors, writes Jerry Moss, Avnet Abacus....

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Chip-to-chip at the speed of light

As data centres and data farms continue to expand and grow, better solutions are required for system architectures that allow faster communication and more efficient operation. ...

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Selecting fibre optic cables

Selecting the right cable and/or connector assembly for a fibre optic installation need not be complex, but it is important to understand the requirements of the environment and the application....

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