Consumer robot designs present a challenge for Li-ion batteries

The market for consumer robots aimed at learning and education is growing rapidly, but selecting the right battery can make or break a companion robot's design.

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Taking flow measurement to the next level

Avnet Abacus helps engineers to develop smart flow meters for monitoring water and gas consumption. Alan Jermyn, VP Marketing, looks at what’s driving demand for smart meters, how they work and how they’re built....

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Automotive telematics become mandatory with eCall

As the intelligence of vehicle electronic systems increases, wireless connectivity is becoming an important feature, enabling passenger communications and cloud connectivity for advanced features instances of emergency such as eCall....

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Hybrid capacitors combine technologies to get the best of both worlds

Supercapacitors are commonly used as an alternative to a rechargeable battery wherever a quick energy boost is needed, however there is another type of device on the market which combines the best features of EDLCs and Li-ion batteries....

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Design considerations for powering remote bluetooth beacons

There are a number of battery form factors and chemistries available for powering remote beacon technology. In this article, Avnet Abacus’ Tim Parker guides you through the available options....

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Design trends: Batteries for IoT

Selecting batteries for Internet of Things connected systems can be tricky, as there is such a wide variety of application types....

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How to impose a smoking ban on lithium batteries

Lithium batteries have been in the news again recently, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons....

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