Automotive telematics become mandatory with eCall

As the intelligence of vehicle electronic systems increases, wireless connectivity is becoming an important feature, enabling passenger communications and cloud connectivity for advanced features instances of emergency such as eCall.

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Weather, corrosion and vandals: Protecting outdoor electronics

Specialised enclosures and switches are required for electronics’ survival in the great outdoors, writes Jerry Moss, Avnet Abacus....

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Meeting regulatory requirements for mission-critical and non-mission-critical rolling stock power supplies

All the electronics in rolling stock is subject to challenging environmental conditions, from high temperatures in confined spaces to the heavy vibration felt by body- or axle-mounted systems. Power supplies are no exception, and must comply with rel...

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Sensor Fusion: The future of intelligent devices

Combining the data from multiple sensors can tell us a great deal more about the application environment than each sensor could on its own....

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Second Generation MEMS Enables Impressive Performance for Automotive and Industrial IMUs

When Murata purchased Finnish MEMS specialist VTI Technologies and renamed it Murata Electronics Oy at the start of 2012, it gained the company’s unique 3D MEMS technology which has outstanding performance and reliability in harsh environments....

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Supercapacitors: Making transport more efficient

Today, supercapacitors are widely used in transport applications to help stabilise the output power of a main power source and improve fuel efficiency....

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