I recognise that face: Machine vision with Omron's HVC

Giving machines the power of vision gives them the ability to interact with people in a much more natural way, but integrating this capability was previously a complex and difficult task.

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Advances and trends in RF connection

When considering the exponential growth of transferred data, most headlines are captured by wireless innovation, but advances continue to be made in the wired domain, not least in RF connectors....

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Enabling smart tracking for the supply chain and Industry 4.0 with RFID

Do you know where your product has been and where it is going right now? This is the challenge that many manufacturers and logistics companies face in the management of their supply chains, but how can RFID technology solve it?...

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Consumer robot designs present a challenge for Li-ion batteries

The market for consumer robots aimed at learning and education is growing rapidly, but selecting the right battery can make or break a companion robot's design....

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Taking flow measurement to the next level

Avnet Abacus helps engineers to develop smart flow meters for monitoring water and gas consumption. Alan Jermyn, VP Marketing, looks at what’s driving demand for smart meters, how they work and how they’re built....

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Automotive telematics become mandatory with eCall

As the intelligence of vehicle electronic systems increases, wireless connectivity is becoming an important feature, enabling passenger communications and cloud connectivity for advanced features instances of emergency such as eCall....

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Customising and optimising antennas with materials science and manufacturing techniques

In an increasingly connected world, performance demands on antennas are greater than ever. These increased performance demands also have to be balanced with cost, and of course, the limits imposed by the laws of physics, which make antenna design a t...

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Weather, corrosion and vandals: Protecting outdoor electronics

Specialised enclosures and switches are required for electronics’ survival in the great outdoors, writes Jerry Moss, Avnet Abacus....

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Meeting regulatory requirements for mission-critical and non-mission-critical rolling stock power supplies

All the electronics in rolling stock is subject to challenging environmental conditions, from high temperatures in confined spaces to the heavy vibration felt by body- or axle-mounted systems. Power supplies are no exception, and must comply with rel...

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Keeping the noise down: Converter and inverter output filtering

Most modern power conversion topologies use switched-mode techniques for highest efficiency and smallest size and cost. Inevitably, switching noise is produced and output filters are required to minimise EMI and provide reliable operation of the powe...

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Selecting DC-link capacitors in power converters

‘DC-link’ capacitors feature in many power conversion topologies and must be chosen carefully to give the best trade-off between cost, size and performance. ...

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Input filtering and protection for switched mode inverters and converters

Inverters and converters have become basic building blocks for many modern power applications. These applications must meet statutory and practical requirements for input EMI filtering and protection against injury to personnel and equipment...

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Chip-to-chip at the speed of light

As data centres and data farms continue to expand and grow, better solutions are required for system architectures that allow faster communication and more efficient operation. ...

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Specifying explosion-proof connectors

The threat of explosion is real in many of today’s industrial applications, and connectors are critical to explosion proofing since they have the potential to create arcs and sparks as part of normal operation....

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Hybrid capacitors combine technologies to get the best of both worlds

Supercapacitors are commonly used as an alternative to a rechargeable battery wherever a quick energy boost is needed, however there is another type of device on the market which combines the best features of EDLCs and Li-ion batteries....

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Sensor Fusion: The future of intelligent devices

Combining the data from multiple sensors can tell us a great deal more about the application environment than each sensor could on its own....

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Understanding ESR in electrolytic capacitors

Adam Chidley explains how component diversity has made selecting the best capacitors for power-related applications more complex than ever, and why taking independent advice makes sense....

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Design considerations for powering remote bluetooth beacons

There are a number of battery form factors and chemistries available for powering remote beacon technology. In this article, Avnet Abacus’ Tim Parker guides you through the available options....

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Programmable drivers add flexibility to LED lighting

As LED luminaires have continued to develop in complexity and range and the number of different fixtures on the market has increased, lighting designers have begun to demand more flexibility from their driver hardware. ...

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Designing for LoRaWAN - Murata wireless modules

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wireless modules for smartphones, including supplying some of the very biggest names in the market, Murata knows a thing or two about wireless technologies, and also about manufacturing modules....

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