Vishay IGBR series high power back-contact thin film resistor

Vishay Intertechnology IGBR series high power back-contact thin film resistor

Vishay IGBR Series Thin Film Resistor

The Vishay Electro Films IGBR is a thin film, high power, back-contact resistor family. With case sizes ranging from 0202 to 0808, the devices offer a miniature option for high power applications. The main features of the IGBR family are low inductance, small size, and single wirebond requirements.

The top termination on the IGBR consists of Al with a 2.5 µm minimum thickness, which is suitable for heavy gage aluminum wire-bonding. Because the IGBR is a back-contact resistor, it only requires one wire bond for a chip and wire assembly. The IGBR can bond with a wire that is up to 6 mils in diameter. Due to the single wire bond, the part maintains extremely low inductance. The length of the wire determines the amount of inductance in the module, so the shorter the wire the lower the inductance.

The IGBR is the perfect part for saving space in power modules. For comparison, the IGBRD in the 0808 case size can handle up to 5 W, while a thin film surface-mount chip in the 2512 case size can only handle up to 6 W, and a thick film chip resistor on AlN in the 2512 case size can only handle 3.5 W. The IGBR resistors can be used in the following applications: a gate resistor for IGBT modules, current limiting in LED lighting, alternative energy, and high power applications.



  • Low inductance
  • Only one wire bond required- up to 6 mils diametar
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Small size



  • Gate resistor for IGBT-based power converters
  • Current limiting for LED lighting
  • High power
  • Alternative energy
  • Hybrid assemblies

Vishay IGBR Series Thin Film Resistor | Avnet Abacus

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