TE Connectivity SpO2 Optical Components

TE Connectivity SpO2 optical components

TE Connectivity has introduced SpO2 Optical Components which can provide leading accuracy in oxygen level detection

TE Connectivity SpO2 Optical Components

Low oxygen level can put a strain on cell functioning including the heart and brain. This is critical in acute medical situations like post-op recovery.  
TE Connectivity’s (TE) SpO2 optical components provide leading accuracy in oxygen level detection. With more than 27 years of proven reliability and expertise, TE has designed SpO2 sensors with best in-class flexibility to accommodate multiple wavelength options. Our ability to provide both components and complete sensor packages make us the leading choice for pulse oximetry applications that require high degrees of precision, durability and performance.



  • Enable precision with the red LED wavelength tolerance up to 660nm ±2nm driven by proprietary emitters spectrally matched to function with a detector
  • Provide high reliability and near flawless quality with more than 27 years’ history and more than 25 million components produced
  • Support customer’s requirements with proprietary emitters with three different IR LED wavelength choices: 880nm, 905nm and 940nm
  • Accommodate two different LED wavelengths (both Red and IR) with our dual drive emitters without any compromise to size and lower power consumption
  • Meet large component volume requirements with scalable, automated manufacturing
  • Provide complete pulse oximetry sensors (reusable and disposable sensors)



  • Patient Monitoring


TE Connectivity SpO2 Optical Components | Avnet Abacus

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