TE Connectivity MS4 Series

TE Connectivity MS4 series AmbiMate sensor module development kit

TE Connectivity introduces MS4 series AmbiMate sensor module development kit

TE Connectivity MS4 series AmbiMate Sensor Module Development Kit

TE Connectivity’s (TE) AmbiMate Sensor Module MS4 Development Kits allow a developer, with use of some downloadable code, to connect to either a Raspberry Pi or Arduino and start collecting data within 30 minutes. AmbiMate sensor module MS4 series provides an application specific set of sensors on a ready to attach PCB assembly for easy integration into a host product. Design resources are freed and time to market accelerated by integrating the MS4 series pre-engineered, four core sensor solution for Motion / Light / Temperature / Humidity into your next product. 
Other MS4 series sensor modules include VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), eCO2 (equivalent carbon dioxide) and sound detection. Add the capability to monitor air quality through the capture of VOC concentrations. Select an MS4 series with a microphone to augment motion detection or to listen for sound events. 
All MS4 series sensor modules offer the flexibility of sharing a common seven position connection. This allows the designer to layout a single PCB footprint accommodating all the available sensor configurations at production. 



  • Accelerate time to market with a pre-engineered sensor solution
  • Integrate the AmbiMate sensor module easily using the I2C communication protocol
  • All the parts required to interface with a Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Save space with a compact design
  • Provide a versitle solution with with multiple attachment methods
  • Allow for multiple sensor configurations and flexibility in design with one footprint 


  • Indoor Lighting
  • Energy Management
  • Work Space Comfort 
  • Zonal Environmental Controls
  • Air Quality

TE Connectivity MS4 Module Development Kit | Avnet Abacus

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