TE Connectivity HCM 250 & 350 Series

TE Connectivity HCM 250 and 350 series heavy duty connectors

Heavy duty connectors (HDC) from TE Connectivity (TE) have excellent and reliable performance in harsh environments

TE Connectivity HCM 250 And 350 Series Heavy Duty Cconnectors

Heavy duty connectors (HDC) from TE Connectivity (TE) have excellent and reliable performance in harsh environments. They are mainly used for data, signal, or power connection between different devices or functional units, the modular and standard interface can maximize application efficiency. Heavy duty connectors can be widely used in different industrial environments. 

TE’s HCM high-current series together with IP68 hoods / housings can easily satisfy the high current requirements in harsh environments. The HCM series has a maximum current of up to 350 A, the contact position is selectable from 1 to 4, and the IP68 housing can provide a stable and reliable environmental protection (Salt-spraying time of up to 500 hours is provided). This solution can easily meet customer’s high current needs in harsh environment. Please be aware that these products are only available in EMEA and Americas region only. The products will be available in ASIA shortly. 



  • Achieve longer service life due to reliable aluminum alloy housing with durable structure
  • Providing reliable connection in harsh outdoor environment with IP68 protection degree
  • IP68 EMC series housing with salt spraying resistance of up to 500 hours for reliable connection in harsh environments 
  • Provide abundant connection solutions to satisfy different kinds of customer requirements
  • Following the EU-guidelines as the product is RoHS compliant 



  • New Energy
  • Rail
  • Energy


TE Connectivity HCM 250 And 350 Series Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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