Samtec MEC5 series extreme density micro edge card socket

Samtec has released MEC5 series, the industry’s first 0.50 mm pitch edge card socket with justification beam.

Samtec MEC5 Series Extreme Density Micro Edge Card Socket

Extreme Density, Micro Edge Card Socket for Cost Optimization

Samtec has released the industry’s first 0.50 mm pitch edge card socket with justification beam. This design allows high-speed signals to pass through an incredibly dense connector while keeping the mating PCB at a reasonable cost.

The socket’s justification beam is designed to shift the card into proper alignment with the contacts. This allows for standard board tolerance on cards that typically would not work with ultra-fine pitch connectors. Manufacturing costs are then optimized creating a 30-50% PCB cost savings and a high yield for standard cards.

Space Savings

The extreme density of this ultra-fine 0.50 mm pitch edge card socket provides incredible space savings compared to more common 0.80 mm pitch solutions.

Available in both vertical (MEC5-DV) and right-angle (MEC5-RA), this socket features up to 300 total I/Os for high-density applications.

High Speeds

In order to meet the industry’s demands for speed, the vertical socket is designed for 28 Gbps NRZ/56 Gbps PAM4 performance. Both orientations are designed to handle PCIe® Gen 4 signaling.

Rated to 1.5 A per contact, this system accepts .062” (1.60 mm) thick cards and features standard alignment pins and card polarization. Choice of through-hole or surface mount rugged weld tabs are available for a secure connection to the board.

Samtec’s Edge Card Family

Samtec is excited to add MEC5 to an already broad line of edge cards available in a variety of pitches and orientations.

The popular 0.80 mm pitch Edge Rate® sockets (HSEC8) are available in vertical, pass-through, right-angle or edge mount orientations, and elevated stack heights to 30 mm.

Standard high-speed edge card sockets include: 0.635 mm (MEC6), 0.80 mm (MEC8), 1.00 mm (MEC1), 1.27 mm (MECF) and 2.00 mm (MEC2). The 1.00 mm pitch PCI Express® socket (PCIE) supports one, four, eight and sixteen links; a low-profile version (PCIE-LP) is compatible to Gen 4 speeds.



  • Industry's first 0.50 mm pitch edge card with justification beam that enables use of standard board tolerance for lower costs and decreases mating tolerance by 50%
  • Up to 300 total I/Os
  • PCIe® Gen 4 compliant
  • Vertical and right-angle designs for parallel and perpendicular board mating
  • Standard alignment pins and card polarization
  • Mates with .062" (1.60 mm) thick cards
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lead-free solderable


Samtec MEC5 Extreme Density Micro Edge Card Socket | Avnet Abacus

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