PUI Audio ASX11504-SW-R Series

PUI Audio ASX11504-SW-R series silent wooffer

PUI Audio is pleased to announce ASX11504-SW-R series silent wooffer

PUI Audio ASX11504-SW-R Series Silent Wooffer

PUI Audio’s ASX11504-SW-R silent subwoofer exciter, also referred to as a tactile transducer, is purpose-built to recreate ultra-low frequencies from 500 Hz all the way down to 5 Hz! It delivers all the bass, without much space, and with nearly none of the sound. Perfect for surround sound systems and gaming!

Instead of using a cone or diaphragm to move air, the electro-mechanical motor is designed to directly couple to a surface (such as the frame of a chair or sofa) to transmit vibrational energy from the motor into the mounting surface, exciting deep tissue muscles (kinesthetic senses), skeletal nerve endings (haptic senses), and transmitting sound through bone conduction.

Tactile transducers can also be used to replace vibrational motors in industrial and medical applications where multi-frequency haptics are required.



  • Installs in minutes with spring-loaded push terminals and mounting holes
  • 4 ohm impedance and high 50W continuous power rating
  • Creates bass without sound, perfect for home theater, industrial, and medical applications
  • Able to create almost 90 Newtons of force

PUI Audio ASX11504-SW-R Series Silent Wooffer | Avnet Abacus

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