Panasonic Electric Works Slight Motion PIR Sensors

Panasonic Electric Works slight motion PAPIR sensors

Panasonic Electric Works has extended its range of passive infrared sensors with the new slight motion detection type

Panasonic Electric Works Slight Motion PAPIR Sensors

Panasonic Electric Works has extended its range of passive infrared sensors with the new slight motion detection type, featuring a very small optic (Ø14,60mm), a circular detection area of 7.60m at a typical installation height of 3m and 112 detection zones. The sensor is very sensitive and designed to detect small movements. The high number of detection zones guarantees a reliable activation due to the fact that each individual switching zone can trigger the sensor. Hence Panasonic’s new motion sensor is the perfect component for small, unobtrusive and aesthetic lighting and HVAC products. Its outstanding design fits well into environments such as offices, meeting rooms, or waiting rooms, for example. Thanks to its very small optic and the thermal stability, the passive infrared sensor can easily be integrated into smart luminaires and smart LED bulbs.

The pyroelectric sensor compliments the PaPIRs families EKMC (standby current consumption: 170µA) and EKMB (standby current consumption: 1µA ,2µA and 6µA) for battery-free and battery-operated devices, respectively. The PaPIRs’ “connect and detect” principle, the modular portfolio with 11 different optics, more than 180 sensor variations, and the extremely high Panasonic quality standards ensure maximum design flexibility, the optimal solution for each individual application, and a fast and reliable time to market.



  • Detection area diameter of 7.60m at 3m
  • Lens diameter of only 14.60mm
  • Output: digital (open collector output) and analog (op-amplifier output)
  • Available lens colors: white, pearl white, and black



  • Lighting controls for offices, waiting rooms, or cabins
  • Smart luminaires
  • Smart LED bulbs
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning control systems
  • IP cameras


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