Murata LQW32FT series power line inductor

Murata introduces power line inductor for automotive high-speed PoC interface

Murata LQW32FT Series Power Line Inductor

PoC is increasingly used with SerDes*2 equipment in automotive applications in order to reduce weight, with a single coax cable transferring power and image data for an onboard camera. In former PoC implementations, large and small impedance several inductors were needed to handle the broadband signal at the circuit processor and to maintain high impedance in a wide band to separate the signal and power. The LQW32FT series allows a single inductor to replace the multiple components that were formerly necessary. This supports efforts to save space and reduce the overall size of a system, and to lower total DC resistance. This component also provides a 125℃ maximum for the usage environment temperature, making it suitable for automotive circuits.
The LQW32FT series is expected to be further expanded to support the high-speed signal transmissions needed by the market.



  • Maintains stable operation
  • Saves on PCB space
  • Reduces component count and weight
  • Lowers total DC resistance
  • Broadband high impedance bias-T inductor
  • Frequency range coverage: 4MHz – 1GHz
  • Excellent saturation characteristics
  • Operating temperature up to 125℃



  • Automotive Power Over Coax (PoC) circuits
  • Expected to be expanded to support further high-speed signal transmission applications


Murata LQW32FT Series Power Line Inductor | Avnet Abacus

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