Molex VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire Connector

Molex VersaBlade wire-to-wire connector system

Molex launches VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire connector system

Molex VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire Connector System

VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire Connector System enables reliable signal and power transmission at 300V and 15A with superior mating reliability, polarization and easy harness assembly.



  • Polarized housing and terminal dimple
    • Prevents incorrect connector insertion and mating
  • Glow-wire-capable housing (optional)
    • Meets global safety and environmental requirements
  • Wide, flat-blade tab terminals
    • Accept wide range of wire sizes (14 to 24 AWG) and supports high voltage and current (300V/15A).
  • Variety of terminal position assurance (TPA) types
    • TPA ensures wires are fully inserted and variety provides design flexibility
  • Housing lance: Plastic hook captures the hole on terminal
    • Improves terminal-to-housing retention and eliminates flares or weak metal tangs
  • Friction and positive lock
    • Provides improved mating retention
  • Multi-branched wiring capabilities
    • Offers harness design options to reduce time and cost
  • Snap-in mounting ears (optional)
    • Enables easy panel mount and ensures strong retention force
  • Dual-row system
    • Facilitates heat dissipation and low engagement force
  • Terminals can be crimped with two wires
    • Enables daisy-chain connections



  • Consumer / Home Appliance
    • Refrigerator
    • Washing Machine
    • Microwave Oven
    • Air Conditioner
    • Air Cleaner / Dehumidifier
    • Exercise Equipment
    • Printers
  • Data / Computing
    • Copiers
  • Medical
    • Medical equipment

Molex VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire Connector System | Avnet Abacus

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