Molex High-Current Universal-Clamp Series

Molex high-current universal-clamp terminal blocks

Molex has launched high-current, universal-clamp terminal blocks

Molex High-Current Universal-Clamp Terminal Blocks

DIN-rail or panel-mountable High-Current UniversalClamp Terminal Blocks offer a versatile solution for high-current and voltage applications requiring aluminum-to-aluminum, copper-to-copper or aluminum-to-copper terminations.



  • Hex Screws
    • Provide optimal secureness to stranded wire
  • Tin coated Aluminum contacts
    • Can be terminated to either Aluminum or Copper wire
  • Partition wall on cover
    • The wall provides a barrier between the conductors to prevent oxidation
  • Polyamide housing and cover
    • Suitable for -40 to +105°C operating
  • Compound coating temperatures
    • A grease is applied to the insides of the contacts to act as an oxidation inhibitor to extend shelf-life
  • Multiple colors available
    • for Single Pole Versions Standard color is grey. Similar models are available with different color covers for ease of identification
  • DIN-rail or throughhole mountable
    • Flexible mounting to match chassis design
  • Single pole models available in the following max. amperage (per UL)
    • MX-KE61: 150A
    • MX-KE62: 230A
    • MX-KE63: 285A
    • MX-KE64: 380A
  • Three pole model max. amperage
    • MX-KE61.03: 150A
  • Three Pole Version
    • Ideal for 3-phase power applications
  • Single contact with four terminations
    • Intended for power feed applications
  • Double housing and cover design
  • Different color covers available
    • Red and black for DC applications; grey and blue for AC applications
  • Single pole models available in the following max. amperage (per UL)
    • MX-KE161: 150A
    • MX-KE162: 230A
    • MX-KE163: 285A
    • MX-KE66: 150A
    • MX-KE67: 230A
    • MX-KE68: 285A
    • MX-KE69: 380A
  • High temp Polyamide housing and cover
    • ​Suitable for -40 to +125°C operating temperatures of a 1000V system



  • Motor inverters
  • Motor drives
  • Motor control systems
  • Switchgears
  • Power distribution panels and cabinets
  • Vehicle charging stations
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Electric trains
  • Photovoltaic (solar) systems


Molex High-Current Universal-Clamp Terminal Blocks | Avnet Abacus

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