Molex NeoPress Connection System

Molex NeoPress high-speed mezzanine connection system

The modular NeoPress high-speed mezzanine system enables design flexibility on space-contrained PCBs

Molex NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine Connection System

The modular NeoPress high-speed mezzanine system enables design flexibility on space-contrained PCBs with tunable differential pairs, low stack heights and compliant-pin terminations while offering data rates up to 28 Gbps.
As evolving telecommunication, industrial automation and medical applications demand higher speeds and smaller form factors, designers need to maximise PCB real estate without sacrificing performance. The NeoPress high-speed mezzanine system’s modular design achieves both high- and low-speed signals at 28 Gbps with tunable differential pairs (between 85 or 100 Ohms). Designers need only one connector for different speeds; therefore, they create space savings on the PCB.
SMT connectors are permanently affixed, making it virtually impossible to reuse PCBs. Also, when an SMT termination fails, attempting to rework it creates a short. Even though PCBs are expensive and being able to reuse them would create a cost savings, designers are reluctant to use press-fit mezzanine connectors because they typically offer lower signal integrity than SMT. NeoPress high-speed mezzanine system has been engineered to provide compliant-pin termination while minimising near-end and far-end crosstalk to match the signal integrity of NeoScale™ SMT connectors. The compliant pin enables designers to rework the board when necessary and maximise its use without having to sacrifice signal integrity.



  • Patent-pending modular triad wafer design offers high-speed differential pairs that can be tuned to 85- or 100-Ohm impedances
    • Provides a customized system for design flexibility
  • Proven Impel™ press-fit compliant-pin termination design with data rates up to 28 Gbps
    • Enables solderless termination with easy board rework without sacrificing data speed
  • Mirror-image triad layout
    • Simplifies PCB routing. Lowers system costs by decreasing the number of PCB layers required for signal routing
  • Staggered footprint within connector
    • Ensures zero-skew routing and minimized crosstalk
  • Ground plate on upper and lower housings
    • Minimizes crosstalk
    • Provides added alignment for pin stitching
  • Connectors feature a density of 76 differential pairs / triad per square inch
    • Offers ultra-high-density press-fit signal solution with optimal signal integrity performance
  • Options include four triad configurations, high-speed single-ended traces, low-speed single-ended lines and power contacts
    • Offers real-estate savings on PCB by supporting requirements for low- and high-speed signals and power within one compact connector
  • Available in 9.00 to 45.00mm mated stack heights
    • Addresses engineering constraints in system envelopes
  • High-speed triad wafers comprise three pins per differential pair (two signal pins and one shielded ground pin)
    • Provide standalone 28+ Gbps fully shielded differential pairs with dedicated grounds
  • Hermaphroditic interface ensures that the receptacle beams are protected by the plug and shield contacts
    • Prevents terminal damage by protecting the mating contact interface
  • Reliable mating interface with 1.50mm wipe
    • Sufficient conductive wipe for clean signal transmission and enhanced performance
  • Durable housing material
    • Delivers a robust system with mechanical stability



  • Telecommunication / Networking
    • Hubs
    • Servers
    • NAS Towers
    • Rack Mount Servers
  • Industrial Automation
    • Controller Personality Cards
  • Medical 

Molex NeoPress High-Speed Connection System | Avnet Abacus

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