Molex MTP/MPO Cable Solutions

Molex data centre MTP/MPO trunk cables

With high-density connectors, multiple cable configurations and integrated specialty components, Molex MTP/MPO data centre solutions support the integration of high-performance networks while reducing the number of cables required and, thus, reducing overall system cost and maintenance

Molex Data Centre MTP MPO Trunk Cables

As data centers transmit an ever-increasing amount of data at ever-increasing speeds, real estate becomes constrained and cable management becomes a challenge. Molex data centre MPT/MPO cable solutions support high-density data centre applications while maintaining a small form factor.
Data centre and telecommunication customers demand high-quality products to support data centre maintenance and installation. All cables are 100% Molex quality tested prior to shipping. Each cable includes the related test report to ensure high-quality products are delivered with assurance each cable will perform according to the specification.
Higher data rates result in an increasing number of cables required to set up a data centre. Molex offers specialty components to help support multiple direction cable routing and management. Each component can be aimed in the desired direction to offer an organised approach to cable installation.



Cable Assemblies

  • Low-loss options available
    • Meets tight system insertion-loss budgets
  • Low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH)/Plenum/Riser rated
    • Fulfills flammability specifications for data center applications
  • 12- and 24-fiber options available
    • Supports high-density data center applications. Reduces the number of cable assemblies required for system installation
  • Cable assemblies 100% quality tested prior to shipping
    • Ensures high performance. Reduces customer cost and time associated with testing​
  • Industry-standard connector housing
    • Simplifies implementation. Compatible with other pre-installed cables

MTP/MPO Connector

  • Precision-molded NTT-compatible ferrule
    • Connects 4 to 24 fibers using ribbon cable
  • Push-pull connector housing
    • Provides quick and reliable connections
  • Multiple ribbons stacked inside round jacket
    • Provides low-profile solution for high-density applications

Adapters, accessories

  • FlexiBend Boots available for additional fiber routing capabilities
    • Alleviate cable congestion. Offers bendable strain relief to secure any configuration. Ensures cable performance over multiple bends in various directions
  • Shuttered die cast adapters
    • Shields and isolates EMI emissions
  • Loopback adapters available
    • Enables testing and network diagnostics
  • Ceramic or phosphor bronze alignment sleeves (where applicable)
    • ​​​Accommodate single-mode (SM) and multi-mode (MM) performance
  • EMI gaskets included
    • Provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) seal between the adapter and mounting surface
  • Multi-port EMI adapter options
    • Ease space constraints on panel and increase ports within an envelope



  • Telecommunications/Networking
    • Optical electrical modules
    • Optical switches and routers
    • PC cards and patch panels
  • Data Centers
    • Servers

Molex Data Centre MTP MPO Trunk Cables | Avnet Abacus

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