GNSS active patch and flexible antennas

Molex has launched two new series of active patch and flexible antennas for navigation and tracking applications

Molex GNSS Active Patch And Flexible Antennas

Molex’s GNSS active patch and flexible antennas compliment ceramic and LDS-MID chip selections for superior signal processing and ground-independence over a wide range of navigation and tracking applications.



GNSS Flexible Antenna (Series 206560)

  • Topside of the poly-flexible antenna
    • Makes for easy peel-and-stick mounting anywhere within the device chassis
  • Double-sided adhesive on the antenna reverse
    • Enables instant application anywhere on the inner wall of the device chassis by just removing its tape liner
  • 6 Micro-coaxial Cable Length options (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300mm)
    • Extends connectivity for maximum design flexibility
  • UFL-type connector
    • Secures to the application’s device radio

GNSS Active Patch Antenna with Low-Noise Amplifier (Series 206640)

  • IPEX-1 connector
    • Secures to the application’s device radio
  • Ceramic Patch Antenna
    • Delivers high gain, high radiation efficiency performance for the most demanding GPS applications
  • PCB with integrated LNAs and SAW Filter
    • Ensures filtered, amplified signals are transmitted by the ceramic antenna on it



  • Automotive
    • Navigation devices
  • Commercial Vehicles
    • High-speed rail
  • Industrial
    • Drones
    • Maritime Port Technology Systems
    • Surveying and Mapping Systems
    • Emergency Response Systems


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