FSB5 series SlimStack 0.40mm pitch floating board-to-Board connectors

Molex proudly FSB5 series SlimStack 0.40mm pitch floating board-to-Board connectors

Molex FSB5 Series SlimStack 0.40mm Board-to-Board Connectors

SlimStack Board-to-Board Connectors, 0.40mm Pitch Floating, FSB5 Series feature a large floating range for space-saving and design flexibility, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in the automotive, industrial and consumer industries.



  • Wide alignment guides
    • Allows for easy mating
  • Dual contact design
    • Provides electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Floating
    • Improve assembly operability
  • Small body and low profile
    • Space saving and high PWB design flexibility
  • Metal covers available
    • Prevents housing damage during mating
  • Contact locks
    • Provides and audible "click" to ensure a secure mating
  • Wide variety of height and circuit variations
    • Provides flexibility including printed wiring board (PWB) applications
  • Power supply for mobile applications
    • Up to 10.0A



  • Automotive
    • Audio
    • Cameras
    • Car column switch
    • Comfort
    • Infotainment systems
    • LiDAR
    • Navigation devices
    • Radar sensors
  • Consumer
    • Digital camera
    • Flat-panel TVs
    • Gaming equipment
    • Home Security
    • Home entertainment systems
    • Smart speaker
    • UAVs/Drones
    • VR/AR
  • Data Center Solutions
    • Servers
    • Storage
  • Data/Computing
    • Copiers
    • Office equipment
    • Servers
    • Tablet and Notebook PCs
  • Home Appliance
    • Air conditioners
    • Cooking
    • Dishwasher
    • Refrigerators
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Washing machines
  • Industrial
    • IoT interconnection devices
    • Robotics
    • UAVs/Drones
  • Industrial Automation
    • Factory automation equipment
  • Medical
    • Patient Monitor
    • Portable glucose monitor
    • Telehealth - remote patient monitoring systems
  • Smart Phones and Mobile Devices
    • GPS
    • POS terminal
    • Portable audio devices
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Wearables
    • Wireless charger

Molex FSB5 Series SlimStack 0.40mm Board-to-Board Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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