Molex BNC RF Connectors & Assemblies

Molex BNC RF connectors and assemblies

Molex has launched a new range of BNC radio frequency connectors and cable assemblies for professional broadcast applications

Molex BNC RF Connectors And Assemblies

Molex’s BNC radio frequency (RF) connectors and assemblies transmit signals up to 12 GHz and exceed performance requirements of serial-data transmission for 8K high-speed, high-definition TV (HDTV), HD video and broadcast applications.



  • Low return-loss performance that exceeds the Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers (SMPTE) standard 2082-1
    • Surpasses serial data, transmission-performance requirements for leading 8K high-speed, highdefinition TV (HD TV) video equipment and camera manufacturers. Allows for sizeable future bandwidth expansion without hardware changes
  • Right-angle, vertical, edge mount and bulkhead PCB configurations
    • Provides a variety of options for design flexibility
  • 12 GHz BNC RF connectors and assemblies are available with 75 Ohm Belden 4794R cables
    • Meets or exceeds the targeted electrical performance level and can double the HD resolution for 8K HDTV, 8K HD video and various broadcast applications
  • 75 Ohm connectors capable of 12 GHz signal transmission with the best impedance matching in the industry
    • Provides innovative performance. Minimizes signal reflection to support 8K HD televisions and video equipment such as cameras, monitors and switching gear applications, as well as real-time video transmission, AR/VR in future 5G applications
  • 12 GHz BNC RF Connectors in die-cast design for future high runner production 
    • Offers new die-cast design for 8K HDTV products for the broadcast-television market



  • Consumer
    • 8K HDTV
    • 8K HD Video and Broadcast
    • 8K Video Equipment
      • Professional Cameras
      • Recorders
      • Monitors
      • Switchers
      • Controllers
    • Real-Time Video
    • 5G Systems
    • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • Medical
    • Telesurgery


Molex BNC RF Connectors And Assemblies | Avnet Abacus

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