Molex Gold Plating PicoBlade Connectors

Molex 50079, 53261 and 53048 series gold plating PicoBlade connectors

Molex proudly presents 50079, 53261 and 53048 series gold plating PicoBlade connectors

Molex 50079, 53261 And 53048 PicoBlade Connectors

Molex’s bestseller wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connector series in 1.25mm pitch with four header options for a wide variety of applications and
industries across the world



  • Compact and Small 1.25mm pitch WTB/WTB connectors for Space Saving 
  • Wide variety choices
    • WTB and WTW solution. Through Hole and SMT headers with straight and rightangle orientations
  • Molex’s best seller WTB/WTW basic standard linein wide variety of industries across the world
    • Over 20 years high volume sales history to various applications and industries proves product reliability and performance
  • Reliable Terminal
    • The two-point-contact design assures a reliable electrical connection under low current, low voltage and high-vibration
  • Friction Lock
    • The crimp receptacle is equipped with two latching ramps to minimize the chance of accidental unmating due to vibration or mishandling
  • Optional vacuum caps
    • Optional vacuum caps for the vertical surface mount headers allow high volume placement using industry standard pick-up nozzles



  • Automotive
    • In-vehicle comfort and infotainment, Body Control Module, Shifters, Steering wheel, Instrument Cluster, combination switches
  • Consumer
    • Smart TV, LED TV, Set Top Box, Air conditioners, White goods, Gaming machines
  • Industrial
    • Security, Drones, Electric test equipment
  • Data Communications
    • Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Servers, Computer screen
  • Healthcare
    • Hearing aid, Medical Monitors

Molex 50079, 53261 And 53048 PicoBlade Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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