Molex 207778, 207782, 207776, 207777 Series

Molex Squba sealed wire-to-wire 3.60mm pitch connectors

Molex proudly presents 207778, 207782, 207776, 207777 series Squba sealed wire-to-wire 3.60mm pitch connectors

Molex 207778, 207782, 207776, 207777 Series

Now available in 3.60mm pitch, Squba Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connectors offer an IP67 rating and carry up to 14.0A of current to deliver reliable power in a wide range of space constrained applications.



  • Protected, low-profile positive latch
    • Prevents wire from getting caught on latch and damaging it
    • Minimizes latch size to prevent latch from adding to connector’s package size
  • Small package (3.60mm pitch) delivering a 14.0A current rating
    • Alleviates space constraints. Meets power requirements
  • Seal caps
    • Protect seals from damage during shipping, handling and use
    • Align terminals to prevent seal from being punctured during assembly
  • Sealed components with proven performance
    • Delivers an IP67-sealed rating
    • Prevents ingress of dust and water to ensure reliable connection
  • Clean-body terminals
    • Avoid seal punctures
  • Wraparound insulation crimp
    • Provides security against seal punctures
  • Primary lock enables 30N terminal retention
    • Delivers a reliable connection
    • Withstands vibration
  • 2 - 4 circuits
    • Provide design flexibility



  • Commercial Vehicle
    • ATVs
    • Buses
    • Forklifts
    • Marine: Under-dash wiring, lighting
    • Recreational vehicles
    • Trucks
  • Connected Home
    • Home automation
    • Home health and wellness
    • Security and surveillance
    • Smart appliance
  • Consumer
    • HVAC
    • Home Appliance
    • Landscaping equipment
    • Liquid dispensing equipment
    • Vending Machines
  • Industrial Automation
    • Food processing equipment
    • Food processing facilities
    • Industrial controllers
    • Industrial machines and motors
    • Robotics


Molex 207778, 207782, 207776, 207777 Series Squba Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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