Molex USB Type-C-To-A Cables

Molex 203800 series USB Type-C-to-A cables

Molex proudly presents 203800 series USB Type-C-to-A cables

Molex 203800 Series USB Type-C-To-A Cables

The compact USB Type-C Connectors and Cables expanded family supports up to 10 Gbps speeds and offers robust, reliable connectivity in IoT, wearable devices and other high-speed data I/O applications.



  • Supports 5.0A power in plugs and receptacles
    • Reduces battery-charging time by 64% versus microUSB 2.0’s current rating of 1.8A
  • Single-piece metal shell on cable plug
    • Provides easy identification and differentiation against non-Type-C USB cables
  • Short mating length
    • Provides space-saving and design flexibility
  • High-temperature nylon Delivers high durability insert-mold receptacle housing
    • Increases connector strength to reduce potential shorting between mid-plate and terminals
  • Mid-plate connector “tongue” design in receptacle
    • Ensures high reliability while preventing damage from connector mishandling
  • High normal force terminal design on plug
    • Increases connector strength to reduce potential shorting between mid-plate and terminals
  • Polyester film between plug housing and shell
    • Prevents potential electrical shorting during mating
  • Up to 100W (20V/5.0A) delivery
    • Suitable for high-power applications
  • Up to 10 Gbps data speed
    • Ideal for highspeed network applications
  • Supports 4K resolution display
    • Delivers highquality display
  • 10,000 mating cycles
    • Delivers high durability
  • Fully shielded
    • Provides EMI/ RFI protection
  • Availability of different cable options meeting USB 2.0 and 3.1 speeds
    • Suits a variety of userapplication requirements



  • Consumer
    • Electronic watches
    • Smartphones/Wireless chargers
    • Power banks
    • PCs/Laptops
    • Televisions
    • Video games
    • Graphic cards
  • Aviation
    • In-flight entertainment systems
  • Industrial and Commercial
    • Identity door-locking systems
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Air purification systems
    • Projectors
    • Point-of-sale registers
    • ATM
  • Medical
    • Glucometers
    • Electronic inhalers
  • Automotive
    • Car infotainment
    • Connected Home
  • Smart home systems


Molex 203800 Series USB Type-C-To-A Cables | Avnet Abacus

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