Molex Mirror Mezz Connectors

202828 series Mirror Mezz connectors

Molex proudly presents Molex 202828 series Mirror Mezz connectors

Molex 202828 Series Mirror Mezz Connectors

Footprint-compatible Hermaphroditic Mirror Mezz connector lowers application costs with stackable mating to support data speeds up to 56 Gbps per
differential pair for telecommunications, networking and other applications.



  • Stitched BGA design
    • Offers more cost savings than insert-molded BGA attachments. Stitched contact structure reduces lead-times and the connector design allows forsimplified product matrix
  • Intricately designed terminal structure
    • Provides numerous mechanical strengths while also benefiting from cutting-edge electrical features for some of the faster speeds in the industry



  • Data/Computing
    • Server
    • Networking
    • Storage
  • Telecommunications/Networking
    • Infrastructure
    • Networking

Molex 202828 Series Mirror Mezz Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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