Molex 200277, 201444, 201447 Series

Molex 200277, 201444, 201447 series Nano-Fit power connectors

Molex launches 200277, 201444, 201447 series Nano-Fit power connectors

Molex 200277, 201444, 201447 Nano-Fit Power Connectors

Nano-Fit Power Connectors deliver both fully protected header terminals and a small package, while also offering keying options to ensure proper mating and terminal position assurance (TPA) retainers to prevent terminal backout



  • Smallest fully isolated headers in the market 
    • Up to 69% smaller than competing connectors in the x axis
  • Multiple mechanical keying and color-coded options 
    • Allow same-circuit, multiple-connector use with virtually no chance of cross mating. Color coding enables faster assembly with visual indication of proper mating
  • Optional TPA (terminal position assurance) retainer 
    • Ensures terminals are fully seated in housing to reduce backout. Retains terminals if main retention feature fails
  • Terminals available in gold and tin plating 
    • Delivers different cost options while meeting performance needs
  • Retention tang and contact rib 
    • Maintains stable contact 
  • Terminal interface with 4 points of contact 
    • Offers redundant, secondary current paths for long-term performance and reliability
  • Ultra-low mate force terminal 
    • Reduces operator fatigue. Improves assembly compliance for high-circuit applications 
  • Positive-lock housing with anti-snag design 
    • Ensures mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage. Provides audible click while mating. Protects latch from damage due to wire snags
  • Fully isolated terminals 
    • Protect against potential damage of terminals during handling and mating
  • Enables use of multi-layer boards by eliminating the need for through holes 
    • Opens up real estate on spaceconstricted PCBs. Potentially reduces costs by enabling use of smaller PCBs with fewer drilled holes 
  • Available in embossed tape for pick-and-place assembly 
    • Enables quick and accurate component placement to meet fast time-to-market requirements 
  • Multiple mechanical keying and color-coding options 
    • Allow same-circuit, multiple connector use with virtually no chance of cross- mating. Enable faster assembly with visual indication of proper mating 
  • Short electrical path 
    • Provide superior signal integrity performance



  • Consumer/Home Appliance
    • Refrigerators
    • Washers and dryers
    • Mobile devices
  • Telecommunications/Networking
    • Servers
    • Hubs
  • Automotive
    • Interior
    • Lighting
  • Lighting
    • Home lighting fixtures
    • Ballasts
  • Aerospace and Defense
    • C4ISR
  • Industrial
    • Assembly line equipment
    • Food and beverage
  • Medical
    • Healthcare IT
    • Patient care equipment

Molex 200277, 201444, 201447 Nano-Fit Power Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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