Molex 150201, 150212, 150200 Series

Molex 150201, 150212, 150200 series Ditto wire-to-wire connectors

Ditto wire-to-wire interconnects halve the tooling and setup costs of low-amperage consumer and lighting applications

Molex 150201, 150212, 150200 Series Ditto Connectors

Customers in consumer appliance, lighting, and automotive (2 and 3-wheeler) industries need an inexpensive wire-to-wire interconnect system that helps lower application tooling setup time and costs, reduce inventory sourcing and management. Existing industry-standard-based solutions are either costly or do not provide the quick operational efficiency needed for fast application turnaround.

Ditto Positive Lock– a hermaphroditic (or genderless), single-housing-and-terminal interconnect system – supports low-amperage (down to 4.2A), 20-26 AWG wire size applications with half the required application tooling, setup time and cost incurred in dual-gender wire-to-wire equivalents. These connectors enable faster tool setup with no machine changeover needed, which increases operational efficiency and reduces customer inventories, spares and costs. The ready-to-use positive lock pigtail harnesses cuts assembly and application-processing time significantly.



  • Crimp Housings
  • Positive (dual) lock feature
    • Keeps connectors mated during rigorous operations
  • Polarized housing
    • Prevents mis-mating of connectors
  • Glow wire capable housings
    • Ensures safety and protection of end-users in the event of glow-wire overload
  • Low mating force terminals
    • Alleviate operator fatigue in cable assembling
  • Pigtail Harnesses
  • Pre-assembled wire harnesses in 6 and 12-inch configurations
    • Allow fast integration into applications requiring design flexibility and customization capability
  • Terminal stoppers on housing
    • Prevent lifting of terminals while maintaining physical and electrical contact with mated terminals
  • Anti-twist housing feature
    • Ensures proper seating of terminal in the housing; prevents contact wipe against connector housing during insertion
  • Crimp Terminals
  • Reinforced wing-style feature
    • Protects locking lance from operator or assembly-processing damage
  • Polarized terminal
    • Prevents improper insertion into connector housing



  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Motorcycles
    • Scooters
    • Three-wheeler vehicles
    • Tuk-tuks
  • Consumer
    • Fitness Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Home Security
    • Home appliances
    • Home entertainment systems
    • Home office
  • Lighting
    • Displays and signage
    • Indoor and outdoor illumination
    • Transportation lighting
    • This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses


Molex 150201, 150212, 150200 Series Ditto Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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