Molex 145135 Mini-Fit TPA2 single-row Off-the-Shelf cable assemblies

Molex has launched 145135 series Mini-Fit TPA2 single-row Off-the-Shelf cable assemblies

Molex 208482 Series 2.4, 5GHz MIMO 2x2 Antenna

Standard Discrete Cable Assemblies deliver off-the-shelf solutions with a broad offering of Molex connectors and a variety of cable lengths to facilitate both prototyping and global production.



  • Custom assemblies for production also available
    • Meet design needs after prototyping is complete. Molex’s extensive design and manufacturing expertise can meet the unique challenges of the most demanding applications
  • Pico-Clasp Cable Assembly offers a small 1.00mm pitch and 1.0A current rating with positive lock
    • Delivers space savings and prevents wire hooking
  • Pico-Lock Cable Assembly offers a low profile,high current and positive locks
    • Ideal for applications requiring space savings and secure mating retention
  • PicoBlade Cable Assembly capable of carrying a maximum 1.0A of current with 1.25mm pitch
    • Provides the same current as 2.00mm pitch systems but in a more compact design. Ideal for high-density  harness applications
  • Micro-Lock Plus Cable Assembly offers 1.25mm-pitch form factor and carries 1.5 A with positive lock
    • Secures mating retention without sacrificing compactness
  • MicroClasp Cable Assembly capable of carrying a maximum 3.0A of current with 2.00mm pitch
    • Provides space savings and easy mating/unmating compared to similar 2.00- and 2.50mm-pitch wireto-board systems
  • CLIK-Mate Cable Assembly carries 2.5A with a 1.50mm pitch
    • Offers more signal lines in less space
  • Micro-Fit TPA Cable Assembly has a maximum 5.0A current rating and a 3.00mm pitch
    • Delivers a high-density, lower power connection. Reduced terminal back-out
  • Nano-Fit TPA Cable Assembly has up to a 6.5A current rating in a small package
    • Brings space savings for design flexibility
  • Mini-Fit TPA2 Cable Assembly capable of carrying 9.0A of power
    • Provides ideal current rating for many signal and power applications. Reduces terminal back-out. Compatible with standard Mini-Fit Jr. headers
  • Ultra-Fit Cable Assembly carries up to 14.0A of power with 17% smaller footprint than similar power connectors
    • Provides space savings with optimized current desnity
  • Mega-Fit OTS Discrete Wire Cable Assembly delivers 23.0A per circuit with a 5.70mm pitchs
    • Offers more power per linear and square millimeter than most midrange power products
  • MultiCat Cable Assembly delivers a 10.0 to 40.0A current rating with connector position assurance (CPA) in a small package
    • Provides high power and a locking mechanism without sacrificing compactness
  • UL 1061 discrete wires for micro cable assemblies; UL 1007 discrete wires for other assemblies
    • Ready to use in electronic appliance applications. Provide ease of design, prototyping and production
  • Multi-color cable configurations with Ultra-Fit TPA, Micro-Fit TPA and Mini-Fit TPA2 Connectors available off the shelf
    • Designed to support development and production programs. Multi-color cables ensure correct connection
  • Meets 2011/65/EU RoHS Compliance
    • Decreases engineering time and resources
  • Assembled in ISO/TS16949-certified facilities
    • Ensures high quality. Meets current automotive industry standards
  •  Pin-to-pin mapping from receptacle to PCB header
    •  Provides ready-to-use, plug-and-play connections



  • Consumer
    • Fitness equipment
    • Home entertainment systems
    • Home appliances
    • Home office
    • Home security systems
    • Portable electronic devices
    • Gaming consoles
    • Mobile devices
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Industrial
    • Process controls
    • Industrial motors
  • Medical
    • Patient monitors
  • Aerospace and Defense
    • Unmanned vehicles
    • Drones
    • Commercial aircraft cabins
  • Telecommunications
    • Receivers
    • Satellite dish


Molex 145135 Series Off-The-Shelf Cable Assemblies | Avnet Abacus

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