MEAN WELL LCM-40/60(EO) Series

MEAN WELL LCM-40/60(EO) series wireless EnOcean LED driver

MEAN WELL is pleased to announce LCM-40/60(EO) series wireless EnOcean LED driver

MEAN WELL LCM-40 Series Wireless EnOcean LED Driver

MEAN WELL, the leading standard LED driver manufacturer, continues to promote the wireless building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. The wireless LED controls portfolio is ideal for both, new buildings and retrofits. They can be easily introduced into intelligent building technology: in residential buildings, all you need to do is connect a transmitter to a receiver, e.g. LED driver – and you're done. This basic installation can be easily combined with existing systems and extended at will.
LCM-40/60EO series(40/60W) is a AC/DC constant current mode output LED driver featuring the multiple levels selectable by dip switch. LCM- EO series operates from 180~295VAC and offers different current levels ranging between 350mA and 1400mA. Thanks to the efficiency up to 92%, with the fanless design, the entire series can operate for -30 ~+90 case °C temperature under free air convection. LCM- EO series is equipped with various functions, such as the dimming function and synchronization, so as to provide the optimal design flexibility for LED lighting system.




  • Constant Current mode output with multiple levels selectable by dip switch
  • Plastic housing with class II design
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Standby power consumption <1W
  • Functions: 3 in 1 dimming (dim-to-off);Auxiliary DC output; synchronization up to 10 units
  • Optional: Wireless LED driver wit hintegrated EnOcean module
  • 3 years warranty



  • LED indoor lighting
  • LED office lighting
  • LED architectural lighting
  • LED panel lighting


MEAN WELL LCM-40/60(EO) EnOcean LED Driver | Avnet Abacus

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