KEMET VS-BV203-B And VS-JV10A Series

KEMET VS-BV203-B and VS-JV10A series vibration sensors

KEMET VS Vibration Sensors can detect vibrations in a wide frequency range from 10Hz up to 15kHz

KEMET VS-BV203-B And VS-JV10A Series

KEMET VS Vibration Sensors can detect vibrations in a wide frequency range from 10Hz up to 15kHz. VS Vibration Sensors do this through the effective conversion of vibrations to electrical signals by utilizing proprietary optimized piezo ceramic material and original vibration amplifying design. With no amplifier required, KEMET VS sensors are easy to embed. These vibration sensors can detect even the faintest levels of vibration throughout a large sensing bandwidth. This performance makes the sensors ideal for predictive maintenance and process control operations in industrial Internet of Things (IoT), allowing for correction and data analysis flow to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), microcomputers, or analyzers. The vibration sensors are of two types. The J Type sensor has a unique detachable design for easy installation and the B Type sensor has an integrated cable profile.



  • Proprietary piezo ceramic material
  • High sensitivity
  • Large sensing bandwidth
  • Built-in amplifier
  • J Type
    • Unique detachable cable design for easy installation
    • Compact and low-profile
    • Waterproof and oil-resistant
    • Case-insulated
    • Current noise resistant
  • B Type 
    • Integrated cable
    • Ultra compact and ultra low-profile
    • Easy to embed



  • Abnormal vibration detection and condition monitoring
    • Production facilities of all industries
    • Motors
    • Bearings
    • Pumps


KEMET VS-BV203-B And VS-JV10A Series Vibration Sensors | Avnet Abacus

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