KEMET KPS-MCL low-loss high temperature MLCC stacks

KEMET is pleased to announce the introduction of the KPS-MCL Low-Loss High Temperature 200oC SMPS stack series

KEMET KPS-MCL Low-Loss Vertically Oriented MLCC Stacks

KEMET introduces KPS-MCL Low-Loss High Temperature 200C SMPS Stacks.
KEMET is pleased to announce the introduction of the KPS-MCL Low-Loss High Temperature 200oC SMPS stack series.  This series complements the KPS-MCC series while using vertically oriented MLCCs to reduce ESR and increase power handling capability.

Both the KPS-MCL and KPS-MCC series are ideal for Harsh Environment Applications.
Developed by combining KEMET’s robust and proprietary C0G/NPO base metal electrode (BME) dielectric system with durable patented lead frame technology, these capacitors are ideal for demanding Industrial high temperature, high voltage, high vibration applications such as down-hole oil exploration, hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs, BEVs), SMPS, defense and aerospace.  
The KEMET C0G BME dielectric system is designed to provide high reliability at operating temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius while maintaining high insulation resistance.  The MLCC capacitors are oriented vertically in the lead frame to provide lower ESR and Thermal resistance improving ripple current capability. In addition, this series provides superior stability with no capacitance change versus DC voltage and ±30 ppm/°C capacitance change over temperature. A high melting point (HMP) solder for lead attachment enables multiple chips to be stacked in parallel to provide bulk capacitance with excellent mechanical robustness. Superior electrical performance, high reliability, and mechanical robustness of KEMET’s BME C0G dielectric results in a preferred solution over Class II (X7R/X5R) capacitors above 175 degrees Celsius.
Available in two case sizes, the KPS MCL Low-Loss series offers voltages up to 2,000V and capacitance up to 1.2 µF. Each case size can be ordered in a straight pin, formed “L,” or formed “J” configuration and with a silver (Ag) or solder coated (SnPb) termination finish.



  • Low-Loss
  • Low ESR and ESL
  • High thermal stability, High ripple current capability
  • Straight Pin lead wires for "through-hole" mounting
  • Formed "J" and "L" lead wires for surface mounting
  • Operating temperature range of -55°C to +200°C
  • Case Codes (Case Sizes) – 69 (2220) and 70 (2225)
  • DC voltage ratings of 200 – 2,000 V
  • Capacitance offerings ranging from 11 nF – 1.2 µF
  • Industrial grade



  • Industrial
  • Down-hole
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEVs, BEVs)
  • SMPS
  • Input and output filtering on power supplies, often found on “capacitor banks“
  • Snubber circuits and DC link
  • Resonator circuits

KEMET KPS-MCL Low-Loss Vertically Oriented MLCC Stacks | Avnet Abacus

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