Harwin S0911-46R & S0921-46R Series

Harwin S0911-46R and S0921-46R series SMD shield clips

Harwin’s newest shield clip S0911-46R is the smallest surface mount shield clip on the market

Harwin S0911-46R And S0921-46R Series SMD Shield Clips

Harwin’s newest shield clip S0911-46R is the smallest surface mount shield clip on the market, now making it possible for the smallest of cans with sides of 1mm to be fixed to a pcb by hand.The S0921-46R corner shield clip provides an additional shielding area for the corner gaps in the folded cans, improving all-round protection against interference.Shield  clips  avoid  the  need  for  soldering,  are  packaged  in  tape  and  reel for automation, and enable the can to be easily removed in case of the need for inspection or regular servicing.



  • Ease of manufacture for EMI  shielding solutions and more  environmentally friendly
    • Uses less solder, simple operation to attach the can to the PCB. No heat sink effect from directly soldering a can to a PCB
  • Use with maintenance or inspection
    • Easily remove and attach the can  to access the internal circuitry
  • Save space on your PCB with the compact clip design
    • Designed for the miniaturisation of consumer electronics
  • Make your PCB design flexible during development
    • Complex shield can designs with short sides now can be used with shield clips
  • Increased shielding coverage
    • Corner coverage built in to improve frequency range of shielding
  • Mid retention force for a high range of applications
    • Suitable for high reliability  applications or static easy to service products
  • Packaged in tape and reel
    • Designed for automation and pick and place manufacturing
  • Protect against RFI
    • Multiple antenna environments



  • IOT
    • Low cost small products and sensors
  • Wearables
    • Smart watches, mobile phones
  • Sensors with antennas
    • Lightweight products with wireless functions
  • Portable devices
    • USB sticks, MP3 players

Harwin S0911-46R And S0921-46R Series SMD Shield Clips | Avnet Abacus

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