Harwin Gecko-SL Series

Harwin Gecko-SL series 1.25mm connectors

Harwin has introduced Gecko-SL series 1.25mm connectors with the ease and strength of Screw-Lok (SL) jackscrew fixings

Harwin Gecko-SL Series 1.25mm Connectors

The existing Gecko-SL range combines the miniature yet powerful 1.25mm pitch connector system with the ease and strength of Screw-Lok (SL) jackscrew fixings. These screw-loks are made from stainless steel to ensure a strong and secure connection.

The range is now expanded to include a full range of ready-to-use Cable Assemblies. Versions include: male and female single-ended; male-to-male,
male-to-female, female-to-male. Each double ended cable connects contact 1 to contact 1, contact 2 to contact 2, etc.

With a choice of pin counts and cable lengths, these readily-available cable assemblies provide a convenient and tested cable solution, without the a
dditional requirements for tooling, training and testing necessary with in-house construction.



  • 2A per contact (all electrically loaded; 2.8A per individual contact) at 1.25mm pitch
    • Excellent current capacity for a miniature connector, saving space and weight in critical applications
  • Compact design – significant space saving over Micro-D
    • Up to 45% smaller and up to 75% lighter over existing equivalent industry standards, ideal for avionics
  • 150mm or 450mm (single-ended), 150mm or 300mm (double-ended)
    • Convenient ready-to-use cable lengths ideal for all uses from prototype and test to final production, stocked in depth
  • Secure Mate before Lock options
    • Faster and easier assembly both in-house and in the field, or without female screw-lok fitted for multiple mating operations
  • Robust Design
    • Maintains electrical contact in extreme shock and vibration conditions
  • World-class quality from the Original Designers of Datamate
    • Published test reports, proven track record, high quality requirements through the complete production cycle



  • Aviation
    • Avionic controls, guidance systems, UAVs, engine controls, radar and tracking
  • Motorsport and Transport
    • Navigation, AI, GPS and tracking equipment, communications and telemetry, ERS controls
  • High-End Industrial
    • Portable equipment, high vibration and robotics systems
  • Space
    • Satellites & CubeSats, radar, communications, launch systems
  • Defence and Security
    • UAVs, UUV and other ROV, ground communications, handheld portable equipment, rugged vehicle electronics

Harwin Gecko-SL Series 1.25mm Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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