Harwin Datamate Ganged 50Ω Coax Wire-To-Board Connectors

Harwin Datamate ganged 50Ω coax wire-to-board connectors

Harwin has introduced Datamate Ganged 50Ω Coax “off-the-shelf” cable assemblies are designed to provide reliable performance and quick delivery

Harwin Datamate Ganged 50Ω Coax Wire-To-Board Connectors

All-new Datamate Ganged 50Ω Coax “off-the-shelf” cable assemblies are designed to provide reliable performance and quick delivery, as well as a
complete plug-and-play solution.

These fully terminated “off-the-shelf” assemblies are available in 150, 300 and 450mm cable lengths and utilise high-grade, lightweight RG178 wire
for a flexible, but space saving quality assured cable assembly.



  • Datamate 50Ω Coax solutions are a Ganged connector
    • Multiple coax connections made faster and more secure than traditional or competitor solutions
  • Decrease production build time, increase assembly speeds
    • Just one connection required
  • These compact design connectors are on a 4.00mm pitch
    • Reduces space real-estate requirements and weight
  • High-quality, high-reliability 50Ω gold plated coaxial contacts
    • Ideally suited for high vibration environments and multiple insertions
  • Shrouded housing design
    • Protects both male and female contacts prior to, and during, mating cycles
  • Central polarisation feature
    • Eliminates the possibility of mismating due to incorrect orientation
  • Stainless Steel jackscrew fixings
    • Strong and secure mating, excellent robust strain relief
  • 150, 300 & 450mm single and double ended options in stock
    • Fast delivery, hassle-free installation and fully tested
  • 100% electrically tested and inspected assembly
    • Total confidence in fault-free connections



  • Aviation
    • Avionics, Aircraft Infotainment, Radar
  • Motorsport and Transport
    • Navigation, GPS, Tracking
  • Energy
    • Oil, Gas and Renewable Sources
  • Industrial
    • Drives and Controls, Robotics
  • Space
    • Satellites, CubeSat, Launch Systems
  • Defence and Security
    • Wi-Fi Antennas, Routers, Radio Communications and Radar

Harwin Datamate Ganged Wire-To-Board Connectors | Avnet Abacus

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