C&K PT series sealed power toggle switches

C&K has introduced PT series sealed power toggle switches

C&K PT Series Sealed Power Toggle Switches

Heavy Equipment used in harsh, dirty, dusty and wet conditions require switches that are sealed to resist this kind of environment. They need to be resistant and perform reliably throughout the life of the application.

C&K's PT series offer sealed power toggle switches with patented single piece injection molded panel and toggle seal. Ideal as a rugged panel mount, multi-function switch, it is suited to the performance requirements for off-road heavy equipment and harsh environments.

The PT series has a versatile IP66/IP68 seal rating associated to an electrical rating at 15 amps for maintained functions and 10 amps for momentary functions, and is IEC/UL 61058-1 Certified. The patented seal design ensures PT will function as required in harsh environments and stand up to powerful water jet cleaning. Its housing design which is smaller than some competitors gives valuable panel space back to the deisgn engineers.

Think of any application requiring a rugged, panel mount, multi-function power toggle switch operating in harsh, dirty/dusty, wet conditions - PT series is the perfect Sealed Power Toggle switch.



  • IP66 / IP68 versatile rating withstands harsh outdoor environments, intense, wet weather, wind-blown rain, dust, dirt
  • IEC/UL 61058-1 certified has global acceptance with no additional testing needed
  • Integrated panel seal for extra protection
  • Superior oil and fuel resistance



  • Off-road, construction / agricultural vehicles
  • Material handling equipment
  • Articulating, scissor and bucket lift controls
  • Outdoor industrial equipment
  • Lift gate controls

C&K PT Series Sealed Power Toggle Switches | Avnet Abacus

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