Bourns SF-0402FPxxxF Series

Bourns SF-0402FPxxxF series fast acting precision thin film fuses

Bourns announces the SF-0402FPxxxF series fast acting precision thin film fuses

Bourns SF-0402FPxxxF Series Fast Acting Precision Surface Mount Fuses

Bourns is pleased to announce the expansion of its ultra-small 0402 Fast Acting Precision Thin Film SinglFuse™ SMD Fuses with additional rated currents ranging from 1.0 A to 2.0 A. This series extension complements Bourns’ already successful line of SinglFuse™ SMD Fuse products.

Bourns continues to broaden its portfolio of SinglFuse™ SMD Fuses to address the growing need for effective circuit protection in a variety of applications including PCs and monitors, server farms, portable memory, cell phones and tablets, digital cameras, gaming systems, set-top boxes, drones and robotics, white goods, battery chargers, and industrial controllers. 



  • Single blow fuse for overcurrent protection
  • 1005 (EIA 0402) miniature footprint
  • Fast-acting precision fuse
  • UL 248-14 listed
  • RoHS compliant* and halogen free**
  • Thin film chip design
  • Surface mount packaging for automated assembly



  • Portable memory
  • Rechargeable battery packs
  • LCD monitors
  • Battery chargers
  • Disk drives
  • Set-top boxes
  • PDAs
  • Industrial controllers
  • Digital cameras
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • MP3 players
  • LED lighting
  • Cell phones
  • Power tools

* RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.
** Bourns considers a product to be “halogen free” if (a) the Bromine (Br) content is 900 ppm or less; (b) the Chlorine
 (Cl) content is 900 ppm or less; and (c) the total Bromine (Br) and Chlorine (Cl) content is 1500 ppm or less.​

Bourns SF-0402FPxxxF Fast Acting Precision Fuses | Avnet Abacus

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