AVX 10-9296 series board-to-board jumpers

AVX’s new 10-9296 series board to board jumpers have been developed in conjunction with a revolutionary new STRIPT™ contact

AVX 10-9296 Series Board-To-Board Jumpers

The market asked and we responded. Existing board-to-Board (BTB) pin jumpers were developed to mate with traditional connectors which are closed on the back end, limiting the depth that the pin can travel into the connector. This restriction limits the amount of BTB or module-to-module mating tolerance that the jumper can absorb. The new AVX jumper has been developed in conjunction with a revolutionary new STRIPT™ contact without an integral wire stop, allowing the pair to absorb the maximum amount of component and assembly tolerances during the mating process. Thus making this combination of products very user and application friendly.



  • Absorption of PCB and module mating tolerances by allowing the unrestricted pin to pass through the contact by elimination the traditional wire stop 
  • Two different pin lengths to accommodate internal linear BTB connections as well as external linear module-to-module connections
  • The unique geometry of the insulator lends itself to water tightness when matched with a matched cavity in a housing



  • Designed to mate with 709296001025016 horizontal PCB contact
  • Single and dual pin connections between linear PCB’s
  • 38mm pin allows for modules to be connected where the PCB is recessed within the plastic housing


AVX 10-9296 Series Board-To-Board Jumpers | Avnet Abacus

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