Amphenol ICC Cross-Mate™ 2.00mm Connector System

Cross-Mate™ 2.00mm wire-to-board connector system

Amphenol ICC has proudly presented Cross-Mate™ 2.00mm wire-to-board connector system

Amphenol ICC Cross-Mate™ 2.00mm Connector System

The Cross-Mate™ series is a wire-to-board system that offers compact design and active latching for applications requiring good mating retention.

The particular cross section of the mating area guarantees a reliable 4 point contact interface with an improved current rating up to 2A per contacts.

The Terminal-Position-Assurance (TPA) guarantee that the contact is properly mounted into the cable housing eliminating functional problem due to wrong connector assembly.

The Cross-Mate™ series is available in 2 to 12 positions per row with horizontal configurations.

  • Active latch
  • 4 point contacts
  • Terminal-Position-Assurance (TPA)


Features and benefits

  • Active latch
  • Reliable connection with board connectors with strong retention
  • Current rating upto 2A per contact
  • Meets higher power Amps performance
  • Terminal-Position-Assurance (TPA)
  • Eliminate mistake of wrong contact assembly into cable housing
  • Cross mating interface : 4 points of contact
  • High reliability even in harsh environments
  • Touch-proof featured
  • Protect operator from touching powered contact
  • Multiple header configurations (vertical and right angle)
  • Flexibility in application and design



  • Consumers
    • Home Automation
    • IoT Devices
  • Industrial & Instrumentation
    • Power Tool
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Medical
    • Portable devices
  • Automotive
    • Steering
    • Infotainment
    • Comfort (Electrical Seat, Internal Lighting)
    • Head Light
    • HUD (Heads Up Display) Modules


Amphenol ICC Cross-Mate™ 2.00mm Connector System | Avnet Abacus

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