Avnet Abacus is an authorised TE Connectivity distributor throughout Europe.

TE Connectivity is a global technology leader offering connectivity solutions that are essential in today's increasingly connected world. TE collaborates with engineers to transform their concepts into creations - refining what's possible using intelligent, efficient and high performing TE products and solutions proven in harsh environments.

Power Park

Find the right solution for your design in an increasingly connected world.

Power Park is an interactive selection tool, created by product experts from Avnet Abacus and TE Connectivity to assist you, the engineer, in the selection of the most appropriate connectivity solutions for your designs.

Set in an industrial manufacturing environment, Power Park features TE’s broad range of connector products, suitable for over thirty applications. Products can also be selected based on current rating, to help you select the right power connector quickly and easily.

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TE Connectivity Products and Solutions

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TE Connectivity sensor solutions

Sensors are vital to the next generation of data-driven technology. Find out more about TE Connectivity's portfolio of high-performing sensor solutions

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TE Connectivity HTU21D and MS5637 BLE Wireless Sensor TAG Demo V1.1 - Product Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

HTU21D and MS5637 BLE wireless sensor

TE Connectivity introduces the sensor tag demo V1.1 reporting humidity, temperature and barometric pressure through a standard low power 2.4GHz wireless communication protocol. Samples are available to request from Avnet Abacus now.

TE Connectivity platinum temperature sensors Product Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

Platinum temperature sensors

TE Connectivity’s (TE) platinum temperature sensors enable precision in extreme temperature environments. These sensors offer a greater value through proven design, ease-of-use, and reliable performance.

TE Connectivity Raychem hi-speed cables for IEEE 1394 applications Product Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

Raychem high-speed cables for IEEE1394 applications

TE Connectivity introduces Raychem high-speed cables for IEEE 1394 applications, providing up to 3.2 Gb/s speed of 1394B in a rugged, compact package.

TE Connectivity microQSFP Interconnect Solutions Product Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

microQSFP interconnect solutions

TE Connectivity introduces new microQSFP pluggable I/O single high cages and surface mount connectors.

TE Connectivity Press Fit Connector