Avnet Abacus is an authorised Molex distributor throughout Europe.

Molex is a leading global supplier of advanced electronic components and solutions. The product range also includes a variety of switches and applications tooling. As a one-source supplier, Molex assures worldwide coordination of its resources to meet customers’ needs globally, regionally and locally, designing and manufacturing products that make life easier.

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Get the right FiT for your designs

Providing power to complex electronics applications where space is at a premium will forever be a challenge for designers and engineers.

Avnet Abacus can offer a range of flexible solutions to this power conundrum with Molex's FiT connector families. Suitable for low to high-powered applications ranging from 6.5 A to 23.0 A, their compact design ensures space constraints will never be an issue.

Whether for consumer goods, medical equipment, data communications, telecommunications, defence and aerospace, or sustainable energy, Molex FiT compact power connectors solve the electrical and mechanical design challenges created by the growing demand for more power in increasingly smaller packages. 

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Molex FiT Families sample kit

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Molex CP-3.3 series Product Spotlight

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CP-3.3 wire-to-wire connector system

CP-3.3 wire-to-wire connectors enhance user-safety while preventing moisture seepage in consumer electronics, white goods, industrial and medical applications.

Molex introduce CP-3.3 wire-to-wire connector system.

Molex Global Navigation Satellite System Antennas Product Spotlight

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Global navigation satellite system antennas

Molex introduces a range of antennas specifically designed for global navigation satellite systems.

Molex introduce global navigation satellite system antennas.

Molex Pico-Lock series Product Spotlight

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Discrete wire cable assemblies

Molex introduce Pico-Lock Off-the-Shelf (OTS) discrete wire cable assemblies.

Molex introduce Pico-Lock Off-the-Shelf (OTS) discrete wire cable assemblies.

Molex FAKRA II SMB Connection System product page

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FAKRA II SMB connection system

Molex’s FAKRA II connectors provide a solution to the automotive industry’s increasing demand for on-board telematics, with connectors that improve functionality at a competitive cost.