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Ericsson Power Modules has global operations in DC/DC power modules. It designs, manufactures and markets products with focus on the communications industry for advanced applications such as radio base stations and switches / routers. 

The levels of technology, ruggedness and reliability of Ericsson Power Modules products means that they often provide excellent solutions for other demanding applications in medical, avionics, computing, military, space and industrial market sectors.

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Ericsson PKB4413DA 408W DC-DC Converter Module Product Spotlight

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PKB4413DA 408W DC-DC Converter Module

Ericsson's newly-launched PKB4413DA is a low-profile, 408W dc-dc converter module, designed to provide point-of-load (POL) converters with tightly regulated 12V output at up to 34A.

Ericsson BMR467 Pol Regulators Product Spotlight

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BMR467 Pol Regulators

Ericsson announced the launch of a new two-phase 120A 3E* digital point-of-load (POL) DC/DC power module. The BMR467 is pin compatible with its predecessor, the BMR465, but its upgraded design delivers 30A more current.

Ericsson PIM4710 power interface modules Product Spotlight

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PIM4710 power interface modules

Ericsson raises the bar with high-current 780W PIM 4710 series power interface module for ATCA applications.