Dubilier offers a range of audio connectors including power jacks, mini DINs, RCA jacks, PCB earphone jacks, and headphone jacks.

Series information

Series Description Datasheet
DBCDSV DIN sockets, PCB jack sockets Download
DBCEJ 3.5mm earphone jacks, PCB/SMT mount Download
DBCHJ 6.4mm headphone jacks, PCB mount, metal / plastic bushing Download
DBCMD PCB mini jack DIN sockets, unshielded, half / fully shielded, DIN plugs, cable mount Download
DBCPJ Power jacks, PCB right angled / straight DC sockets, SMT DC jack sockets Download
DBCRCA RCA jacks, right angled socket, PCB mount, DC socket Download
DBCPC Power cords, moulded connectors, multiple configurations  
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