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Cinch Connectivity Solutions is a vertically integrated supplier of high quality, high performance connectors, fixed length and semi rigid cable assemblies from DC to 50 GHz, and custom solutions. The product lines deliver custom-engineered solutions to satisfy the most demanding and complex requirements. Cinch Connectivity’s products support aerospace, military, wireless communications, data networking, test and measurement, telecommunications, broadcast, medical, oil & gas and other harsh environment applications. Combined with the strength of its parent company, Bel Fuse Inc., Cinch Connectivity Solutions aims to provide an unparalleled offering to the vast array of industries it serves.

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Cinch Connectivity Solutions 2.92mm Connector Product Spotlight

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Cinch Connectivity Solutions

2.92mm RF end launch connectors

Cinch Connectivity precision 2.92mm connectors, also known as SMK connectors, are designed to meet the high performance needed for 5G wireless applications, up to 40GHz.

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