WSBS851840 Power Metal Strip® resistor

Vishay Intertechnology announces a new 36 W Power Metal Strip battery shunt resistor featuring three sense pins in the 8518 case size. With extremely low resistance values down to 50 μΩ, the Vishay Dale WSBS8518...40 increases accuracy and lowers costs compared with Hall Effect current sensing solutions, while its sense pins assist in PCB mounting, provide consistent contact point location, and offer a connection to ground via the third sense pin.
• Proprietary processing technique that produces extremely low resistance values
• Allow for more accurate data to determine battery charge and discharge, thus helping designers meet specific customer battery management
• Incorporates a solid metal manganese-copper alloy resistive element with low TCR (± 20 ppm/°C)
• Welded terminal to element connection allows for up to 848 A of continuous current (value dependent)

Vishay WSBS8518…40 Power Metal Strip® Battery Shunt Resistor


Features Applications
  • Features three sense pins
  • High power capacity of 36 W
  • Offered in 8518 case size
  • Low resistance values down to 50 μΩ
  • Low inductance values of < 5 nH
  • Low thermal EMF down to < 1 μV/°C
  • Operating temperature range of -65 °C to +170 °C
  • RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green

Battery management for applications in:

  • Gas, diesel, hybrid, and electric cars and trucks
  • Electric forklifts
  • UPS systems
  • Other heavy industrial applications
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