IFL and IFLS low profile power inductors

Vishay Intertechnology introduces two new series of low profile power inductors optimized for DC/DC conversion in portable electronics. Offered in compact 1212, 1616, and 2020 case sizes with low profiles down to 1.0 mm, Vishay Dale IFL and IFLS series devices deliver inductance up to 100 µH.
• High inductance values to 100 µH are normally reserved for larger components
• Compact case sizes and low profiles save space
• Feature a ferrite core with polyurethane enameled copper wire and an epoxy resin adhesive
• Shielded IFLS series protects nearby components from magnetic radiation, while non-shielded IFL series offers higher rated saturation current

Vishay IFL and IFLS Series Low Profile Power Inductors Non-Shielded and Shielded Devices Avnet Abacus


Features Applications
  • Offered in compact 1212, 1616, and 2020 case sizes
  • Low profiles down to 1.0 mm
  • High inductance up to 100 µH
  • Frequencies up to 5 MHz
  • Offered in shielded (IFLS) and non-shielded (IFL) versions
  • High rated saturation current to 7.5 A
  • Operating temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C
  • RoHS-compliant
  • DC/DC conversion in portable electronics
  • Notebooks, desktop PCs, and servers
  • Low profile, high current power supplies and point of load (POL) converters
  • DC/DC converters for distributed power systems and FPGAs
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