TE Connectivity Rail D-Sub Backshells

Rail D-sub backshells

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces a comprehensive range of ruggedized metal backshells for D-subminiature connectors that help enable fast and easy assembly and installation due to its simple design. Multiple options are available to fit the unique requirements of your application including two cable exit variants, a unique retrofitable “quick-lock” system for easy, robust assembly in tight spaces and a screw strain relief cable exit. The cable exit option of crimp inserts helps to ensure unparalleled 360° EMI/EMC shielding and the jacket crimping prevents damage to the conductors caused by torsion of the cable. The screw strain relief cable exit option requires no special tooling saving installation time in the field.

TE Connectivity ruggedized metal backshells for D-subminiature connectors Avnet Abacus


Features Applications
  • Obtain resistance to heavy shock and vibration according to standard EN61373 (1999) Cat.1 Class B with a high quality die case metal shell 
  • Help achieve easy and robust assembly in tight spaces with the unique, retrofitable, quick-lock system 
  • Obtain easy field installation due to minimized component count and self-retaining assembly screws
  • Suit most applications with three cable exit variant options 
  • Help ensure unparalleled 360˚ EMI/EMC shielding and resistance against vibration and torsion damage with crimp option 
  • Save installation time and money with screw exit option which enables quick and easy cable preparation with no special tooling required
  • Comply with all fire and smoke regulations due to parts constructed of metal 
  • Train control systems
  • Track side control systems 
  • Heavy duty equipment control systems 
  • Industrial equipment control systems 
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